Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should read Win Big The EXA Way?

A: Every capture leader, every proposal leader, and their bosses should all read this book. Every executive who oversees major pursuits should also read this book. People in proposal support roles, such as authors, production and service managers, engineers, finance specialists, commercial managers, contract managers, offset managers, and project managers should read parts of this book.Some people will read this book cover-to-cover to understand all aspects of capture and proposal leadership. Others will jump from section to section the way you read a reference manual.

Q: Why did you write Win Big The EXA Way? Aren’t there enough proposal development books and methodologies already?

A: The EXA Way is not another proposal methodology. It is a leadership process and philosophy. The EXA way discusses how capture leaders and proposal leaders lead their respective teams, and it explains how an executive leads a pursuit team.For example, The EXA Way does not describe the methodology behind running a Black Hat Review. It shows what you, as a leader, should expect from the Black Hat Review captain. It shows you the right questions to ask and how to make informed decisions about the Black Hat Review and about every other aspect of leading a capture and proposal program.

Q: Why write a book about Canadian procurement? Isn’t it the same as American procurement?

A: Canadian procurement is the same as American procurement in the same way as Canadian beer is the same as American beer. They’re both beer, but ask any Canadian, and they will tell you they are not the same at all.Canadian procurement differs from American procurement in subtle ways that make huge differences. Once you get to know these differences, Canadian procurement, and Canadian proposals, are not at all like American procurements and proposals.

Q: If I read The EXA Way cover to cover, will I know how to write a proposal?

A: You will learn everything you need to know about leading the team that executes a capture process and leading those that develop the proposal. You will also learn everything you need to know to oversee the broader pursuit team from an executive’s point of view.For ‘how-to’ proposal writing details, you should refer to any one of several methodology resources.

Q: Is The EXA Way applicable to all captures and proposals?

A: The EXA Way describes the leadership principles behind huge pursuits — typically over $100M. Every capture and every proposal are different. You can adapt The EXA Way to any pursuit. The individual principles you apply to a pursuit will depend upon a myriad of obvious and hidden variables.

Q: Should I follow The EXA Way exactly?

A: The EXA Way offers guideposts along the pathway to successful capture and proposal leadership. It offers best practices, not exact recipes. Your organization should adopt The EXA Way in its capture and proposal strategies, policies, and processes, and you should adapt The EXA Way as you see fit to each pursuit you lead.

Q: How do I contact the author?

A: You can reach the author, Alex McPhail, at Contact Us

Q: How do I buy the book?

A: Go to