The EXA Way Supplement

Advanced Level Microsoft Word Proficiency Test

Page 396

This is The EXA Consulting Group Advanced Level Microsoft Word Proficiency Test.  It should take you no longer than one hour to complete this test. Perform the steps in the order they are presented.  Skip over a step if you do not know to complete it. 

Save this document to and return the completed document to your examiner for review.  

1          Create a multi-level heading that automatically numbers document section headings using the pattern shown below and automatically includes all paragraph headings in the table of contents.  Align all the section numbers/letters to the left margin, and indent all heading text by 1 inch.


           1          First Major Heading


           1.1       Sub-Major Heading

                       More text

           1.1.1    Minor Heading


           1.2       Another Sub-Major Heading


           2          Second Major Heading


           2.1       Sub-Major Heading


           2.2       Sub-Major Heading


           2.2.1    Minor Heading


           A          Annex A

           A-1      Annex A, Section 1

           B          Annex B

           B-1      Annex B, Section 1

           B-1.1   Annex B, Section 1.1

           C         Annex C


2.         Enclose the following paragraph of text in a lined box, and shade the entire interior of the box yellow, using only formatting.  Do not use a text box or table.


 It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, to declare by Proclamation that, on and after a Day therein appointed, not being more than Six Months after the passing of this Act, the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick shall form and be One Dominion under the Name of Canada; and on and after that Day those Three Provinces shall form and be One Dominion under that Name accordingly. 


3.A      Create a header and footer on this page that have the following characteristics

·      Header:

o  On a single line, enter:

  • Your name left aligned to the left margin
  • Your favourite sports team centered in the middle
  • The name of your high school right aligned to the right margin
  • Add a single, unbroken blue line beneath the single header line text (this line is part of the header) that visually separates the header from the main body

·      Footer:

o  On the first line enter

  • Today’s date left aligned in the left margin
  • The text “Page x of y” right aligned to the right margin, where ‘x’ is an automatically generated number by Word for each

o  On the second line enter:

  • Any text you want centered in the middle of the line

o  Add a double, unbroken blue line above all the two footer text lines (make this line part of the header) that visually separates the header from the main body


Make the header and footer such that they automatically expand and contract to the correct margin widths when switching page orientation from portrait to landscape and back.  


3.B      Create a landscape page, and then a portrait page, showing the headers automatically expand and contract across the page width without manual intervention.


4.         Lock the whole paragraph marked (2.) in the passage below so that nobody else can modify it, but still allow other people to modify everything else in this document.

The Qualifications of a Senator shall be as follows:

(1.) He shall be of the full Age of Thirty Years:


(2.) He shall be either a Natural-born Subject of the Queen, or a Subject of the Queen naturalized by an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain, or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or of the Legislature of One of the Provinces of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, Canada, Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick, before the Union, or of the Parliament of Canada after the Union:


(3.) He shall be legally or equitably seised as of Freehold for his own Use and Benefit of Lands or Tenements held in Free and Common Socage, or seised or possessed for his own Use and Benefit of Lands or Tenements held in Franc-alleu or in Roture, within the Province for which he is appointed, of the Value of Four thousand Dollars, over and above all Rents, Dues, Debts, Charges, Mortgages, and Incumbrances due or payable out of or charged on or affecting the same:


(4.) His Real and Personal Property shall be together worth Four thousand Dollars over and above his Debts and Liabilities:


(5.) He shall be resident in the Province for which he is appointed:


(6.) In the Case of Quebec he shall have his Real Property Qualification in the Electoral Division for which he is appointed, or shall be resident in that Division.


5.         Copy Picture 1 from the accompanying PDF document and paste it below so that it looks crisp and clear.  Add a Word figure caption below the picture with automatic numbering. Arrange the picture and the caption such that they can never be orphaned (separated from each other) across page breaks due to routine editing done elsewhere in the document.  


6.         Create a 5 column table. Add text headings to each column such that the heading row will repeat at the beginning of each new page the table expands into.  Also add a Word table caption with automatic numbering at the top of the table that is also automatically repeated at the top of each new page the table expands into and that maintains the same automatically generated table number at the top of each page.

7.         In the space below on this page, create a Word generated:

  • table of contents
  • list of tables, and
  • list of figures


8.         Change the appropriate Word style so that the major heading text in Exercise 1 automatically appears in green. Change only the heading text color, not the section number color.  


9.         Replace <x>, <y>, and <z>, appropriately, in the statement below with corresponding Word cross references to any of the headings you completed in Exercise 1.


For more information, see section <x>, titled <y> on page <z>.


10.       At the top of each page of this original document, there is a phrase that reads “Do not modify or delete this line”.  Modify one Word field once to automatically change every top line instance of that phrase to a replacement phrase of your choice.

***Disclaimer: The information presented in this supplement is for information purposes only. It is not intended, and may not be used, as legal or business advice. The author makes no representations of warranty, accuracy, or fit for purpose of the information herein. Use at your own risk.