The EXA Way Supplement

Black Hat Review Questionnaire

Page 157

Except when indicated otherwise, answer the following questions as if you were working for the ABC company, which is competing against your company to win the XYZ bid.


1.     Interests and Motives

a.     Business

         i.     How important is a win to the ABC Company, or its relevant department or division?

  1. Existential: The organization must win the opportunity to continue existing in its present form.
  2. Must Win: The organization must win the pursuit to meet its strategic and business targets.
  3. Should Win: The organization will exceed its strategic and/or business targets if it wins the opportunity.

b.     Strategic

         i.     What future programs could the ABC company pursue specifically because it won the XYZ program?

         ii.     How much is the ABC Company willing to invest to secure a contract for the XYZ program?

         iii.     What type of investments might the ABC Company consider:

  1. Labour rates
  2. Fixed costs
  3. Non-recurring engineering
  4. Facilities
  5. Intellectual property
  6. Cost amortization
  7. Research & development
  8. Third-party development (non-ITB)
  9. Other

2.     Capacity

a.     What is the ABC company’s ability to score well technically?

b.     What is the ABC company’s ability to absorb an XYZ contract into its operations?

c.     What is the ABC company’s ability to win the XYZ bid without teaming with other companies?

d.     What is the ABC company’s ability to execute the XYZ contract without teaming with other companies?

3.     Reputation and Experience

a.     How long has the ABC Company in involved in this market and with this end client?

b.     What is the end client’s awareness of the ABC Company and its capabilities?

c.     What is the industry’s perception of the ABC Company?

d.     What track record does the ABC Company have with respect to its subcontractors and suppliers?

e.     How secure and robust is the ABC Company’s supply chain?

f.      Is the ABC Company recognized as setting the gold standard in its industry?

g.     Is/was the ABC Company able to influence the RFP requirements?

4.     Non-Technical

a.     How competitive will the ABC Company’s price proposal be?

b.     How comfortable is the ABC Company in accepting risk?

c.     Does the ABC Company have a well-established offset strategy it can rely upon to maximize its ITB/VP score?

d.     What is the scope and depth of the ABC Company’s offset investment portfolio?

e.     In what ways did the ABC Company ghost our company?

5.     Big Questions (leave these to the last)

a.     If you were the Capture Leader of the ABC Company, how would you advise your executive team to win the XYZ bid?

b.     (Answer this question from your own company’s perspective)        
Given everything you know about the ABC Company, how must your company adjust its strategy to maximize its win probability?

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