The EXA Way Supplement

Executive Summary

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Recent global events demonstrate that Canada’s defence and security depends upon a real-time, accurate, and insightful situational awareness capability. Headquarter and field commanders are under increasing pressure to evaluate pan-domain consequences across allied forces before issuing their next order. Field operators must perform with the highest degree of precision and certainty while minimizing the risk to mission success and safety. The information gathering, dynamic computations, and adaptive processing required to present meaningful decision-support information far exceeds the capability of traditional human-based systems. While artificial intelligence can provide much of the processing power, the right people must always remain in control of the decision-making process.

The MundiView decision-support system collects data from thousands of data sources and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to fuse otherwise incompatible data streams into a real-time common operating picture at user-selectable levels of granularity. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will have access to an advance system that provides unrivaled situational awareness at all levels.

Specifically, the CAF will benefit from:

  • Complex decision-making support in the local, regional, and global realms
  • Predictions of actual, simulated, and contemplated scenarios, events, and conditions
  • Timely and adaptive responses to geopolitical and military developments

MundiView is the only solution that exceeds all of Canada’s critical RFP evaluation criteria:

Intuitive, comprehensive, real-time, pan-domain situational awareness

  • Adaptive and predictive analysis of enemy, neutral, and allied combatants and geopolitical actors
  • Integration and coordination across strategic, tactical, and operational theatres
  • Open source, commercial, and classified data fusion and evaluation

The CAF commanders will benefit from:

Command Level:

  • Faster and more informed decisions
  • Pan-domain common operating picture
  • Battlefield dynamics assessments
  • Predict trends across multiple actors

Brigade Level:

  • Rapid, real-time analytics and threat assessment
  • Predictive analysis identifying emerging threats and opportunities
  • Adaptive task automation relieves command of repetitive processes

Field Level:

  • Customized, real-time insights based on mission parameters and circumstances
  • Identify, prosecute, and confirm beyond-line-of-sight targets
  • Monitor and predict enemy strategies and movements

Canada’s Army, Navy, and Airforce will collectively benefit from:

  • Enhanced coordination and collaboration
  • Greater mission effectiveness
  • Lower risk
  • Higher and more accurate lethality
  • Advanced interoperation with allied forces


  • Is trusted by five NATO armed forces
  • Fuses TOP SECRET information with other data sources using qualified data-diode and air-gap measures
  • Integrates sensor, text, image, video, audio, geospatial, weather, traffic, social media, operational, telecommunications, and
  • historical data in real time
  • Includes a service license to integrate future data sources as they come available


  • The CAF will execute its missions with greater precision, authority, and safety
  • DND will anticipate and respond to events with greater insight and success
  • Canada will enhance its global relevance as a credible ally, deterrent, and power

The MundiView decision-support system is the only trusted solution that delivers the capability, reliability, and adaptability that Canada needs today.

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