The EXA Way Supplement

Executive Briefing

Page 364

The TSE MundiView offers unrivaled geopolitical and military situational awareness at the global, regional, and local levels. It is the only solution that enables military operators to view the global battlefield and then seamlessly zoom in to any location at street or sea level resolution. MundiView is the most advanced and capable military AI decision-support system in use today. Five NATO allies trust MundiView to support their battlefield operations.

The civil version of MundiView, the GlobeWatch service, is currently in operation in over 70 countries, and supports agriculture, fisheries, forestry, wildlife management, transportation regulation, international trade, environmental and climate change impact assessment, population trends, natural disaster impact and response planning, political unrest assessment and prediction, and countless other civil applications. The MundiView includes most capabilities inherent to GlobeView in addition to its classified features.

The Canadian Armed Forces will benefit from MundiView’s unique capabilities, including:

  • Complex decision-making support in the local, regional, and global realms
  • Predictions of outcomes to actual, simulated, and contemplated scenarios and events
  • Adaptive responses to geopolitical and military developments based on early pattern detection

Soldiers, sailors, and air crew will have unrivaled access to:

  • Real-time processing of huge datasets from multiple sources
  • Target identification, analysis, tracking, and assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Complex spatial and temporal pattern and anomaly detection and recognition

Our commitment to Canada:

  • 350 new and sustained highly skilled, high paying jobs across Canada
  • $75M in new money to small and medium sized businesses
  • $25M in new money to Indigenous firms
  • $50M expansion of our Research and Development center of excellence in Western Canada

TSE, a wholly Canadian owned company, is the world’s leader in military AI-enabled geospatial and military decision support systems. Its sister product, the GlobeWatch service, provides an unclassified capability to governments and approved NGOs. TSE invested over $500M in R&D and is the world’s leader in AI-enabled decision support systems. Quick facts about TSE include:

  • Canadian owned and operated since 1997, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Annual sales over $800M (CAD) in 70 countries
  • 1,850 employees in Canada and around the world


  • The CAF will execute its missions with greater precision, authority, and safety
  • DND will anticipate and respond to events with greater insight and success
  • Canada will enhance its global relevance as a credible ally, deterrent, and power

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